New and Innovative Products

Modern Forward Compatible™ Test Machinery

Wireless Load Cells

RSM HC ~ High Capacity Roundsling Machinery

TCM ~ Tube Contraction Machine (Imperial) (Metric)

Colour coded Steel Trumpets for preparing Roundsling covers

Vertical and Horizontal Universal™ Load Bearing Yarn Creel

ReelPower - Reeling, Coiling, Take Up and Pay Out, and Cut to Length Machines


Ask us about the choices of our proven Roundsling Machines and systems that are available exclusively from Strider-Resource. Our roundsling machinery is designed, engineered and manufactured in North America by people who know how to make roundslings and roundsling machinery.

Strider-Resouce has been a reliable supplier for roundsling machines and system to many companies for almost 30 years. We have manufactured roundslings of all types and sizes for many of these years.

We invite you to visit Strider-Resource to see and run our fully operational machines yourself using your own materials before you make a decion to purchase. If you prefer, we can demonstrate our machines actually making roundslings. We provided the same service for our Univeral Hydraulic Swagers for wire rope slings for almost 20 years.

Our roundsling machines, universal swagers, accssories and parts are shipped, from stock. We provide on site set up and commissioning, as well as, after sales service and support.

Strider –Resource specialzies in supplying modern machines and productions system for manufacturing roundslings, wire rope slings, and socket assemblies to progressive companies around the world. We are continually improving and developing, new machinery and systems to make lifting and rigging products, better, faster and more efficient. We work with the best companies world wide within the industry to develop new and innovative products. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your organization.

Sincerely, Timothy O'Rourke

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PLC controlled Smart Swager™ with Swager Guarding

PLC controlled Smart Swager™ with Swager Guarding

The fastest and most reliable method of swaging Flemish eye wire rope slings and assemblies

The fastest and most reliable method of swaging Flemish eye wire rope slings and assemblies

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