About Strider: Comprehensive Solutions for the Lifting & Rigging Industries since 1977

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From its origins in 1977, Strider~Resource has specialized in supplying new and innovative products and processes to the lifting, rigging, and load securement industries. The company was originally established by Gary O'Rourke and is now operated by his son, Timothy, and their professional, knowledgable, and friendly team.

Strider-Resource’s Diverse Lifting and Rigging Products

Strider~Resource is the exclusive Canadian manufacturer and/or distributor for exceptional lifting and rigging products, offering supply and service.

These products include:

  • Wirelock®, the worlds premier resin socketing system for terminating steel wire ropes and cables in lifting, towing, suspension, and guying applications.

  • Paralock®, the worlds premier resin socketing system for terminating fibre ropes.

  • Gigasense Force Measurement Devices for in line and on line measurement and control of loads, overloads and tension. These rugged and accurate devices have a wide range of applications including, overhead cranes, hoists, and power transmission and communication towers.

Swaging innovation in One Press®

In 2000, Strider~Resource acquired the One Press® Swaging System, which includes international patents and trademarks. The One Press® Swaging System is the fastest and most reliable method of swaging Flemish eye wire rope slings and assemblies in the world. The One Press® Swaging System is the only fully integrated swaging system available. In addition to One Press® Dies and One Press® Sleeves, Strider also stocks, sells and service Fast Swagers™, universal hydraulic swagers with capacities up to 660 Tons (600 Tonnes).

A new generation of wire rope swagers known as Smart Swagers™ were introduced by Strider~Resource in 2009. These new and innovative swagers feature for the first time ever, functional Swager Guarding™.

In 2012, Strider~Resource unveiled a new line of Universal™ Swagers with enhanced operational features and safeguarding. These Universal™ Swagers are available in capacities from 385 Ton (350 Tonne) up to 3360 Ton (3000 Tonne). 

Roundsling manufacturing machinery 

Also in 2009, Strider~Resource unveiled its new Production Roundsling Manufacturing Machinery. This innovative labor saving machinery will help companies around the world meet the growing demand for quality roundslings. Strider's new production roundsling manufacturing machinery is made in Canada and shipped worldwide. Strider stocks a wide range of quality synthetic sling component materials including covers and load bearing yarn at competitive prices. Special orders are welcome.

Modern Forward Compatible™ Test Machinery

• Exceptionally accurate and technologically advanced test machinery.

• Made in the USA with the highest quality components and workmanship.

• Engineered to be easily adaptable for future equipment and software upgrades.

• Optimum force controllability. Advanced data acquisition.

• Prompt professional worldwide technical support and calibration services.

• Quality wire rope grips and wireless load cells.

New for 2024

Strider~Resource is excited to announce our ever expanding line of quality production machinery, including Strider’s new Universal Swagers available from 30 Tons up to 3000 Tons, Annealing Machines for wire rope and Extra Heavy Duty Sewing Machines designed and manufactured to meet the unique requirements of synthetic web and roundsling manufactures.

Strider has introduced a full line of Modern Reeling Machines, Heavy Duty Coliling Machines, Light Duty Coiling Machines, Take Up and Pay Out Machines, and Cut to Length Machines.

Inquire about our Stealth system solutions for modern production machinery.

Strider~Resource offers full training on all machinery.

After 44 years, Strider~Resource has many notable achievements and firsts to its credit. The company is well positioned for continued growth, with many long term and satisfied customers, principals and employees.

Strider~Resource operates from modern office and warehouse facilities located in Nobleton, Ontario, Canada, just 20 minutes north of Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

The name "Strider" comes from the character Strider (Aragorn) in J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings".

“All that is gold does not glitter; all those who wander are not lost…” came the plea for trust from Strider”  J.R.R. Tolkien

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PLC controlled Smart Swager™ with Swager Guarding

PLC controlled Smart Swager™ with Swager Guarding

The fastest and most reliable method of swaging Flemish eye wire rope slings and assemblies

The fastest and most reliable method of swaging Flemish eye wire rope slings and assemblies

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