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Service Sling High Lift 733R

This extra heavy duty machine includes a long arm, with both upper and lower feeds, also equipped with semi-rotary large capacity shuttle hook. Which is suitable for sewing extra heavy weight material, such as safety and logging belts, luggage, cargo slings, buffing wheels, harnesses, construction barriers, parachutes, balloons and book binding.


With upper lower feed, the machine can sew accurately and easily several sheets of heavy weight materials piled together,

The lifting amount of presser foot is as high as 26mm, suitable for stitching the extra heavy-weight materials. 32mm high presser foot lift also available on request.

The machine is provided with a free space measuring 413mm wide. It allows the operator to handle a large sewing product with ease.

Applied the semi-rotary large shuttle hook and bobbin, could reduce the frequency of changing the bobbin thread and increasing the sewing efficiency.

Max. Sewing Speed 700 S.P.M Bed Size 654 x 258mm
Max. Stitch Length 15mm Needle Schmetz 1000 (#250)
Lift of the Presser Foot 26-32mm Thread #0 - #00
Alternating vertical movement 5-7mm Motor Clutch motor, 3 PHase, 1HP, 4P
Needle Bar Stroke 66mm (2.6") N.W / G.W. 126 / 141 KGS
Working Space 413mm (26-1/4") Meas. 0.28 CBM


Singer® SL 7 Class - Extra Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

This heavy duty sewing machine with high lift and reverse boasts a 3/4 Horse Power WMC brand motor, significantly improving longevity and durability over the industry standard light duty 1/2 HP Motor.

The Machines are fully inspected, including the take up screw holes and lifting presser bar screw holes. They are then completely stripped and thoroughly rebuilt with new timing cams, balance wheel, shuttles, races, top cam shafts, hardened needle bars, 3/4 HP WMC Motor, and paint.

Custom built brackets hold the 7-33 Singer® Head onto a 2” thick table. The heavier table helps to stabilize the machine and is specifically fit to match the pull length of the reverse mechanism.

Our heavy duty sewing machines are designed and manufactured to meet the unique requirements of synthetic web and roundsling manufacturers. Strider guarantees quality. 

3/4” Lift

7/8” Sewing Capacity

Extra Large Bobbin

1-1/4” diameter x 1-3/4” length

Accepts 6 Chord

Up to size 554 Nylon Thread

Power Supply

110V, Single Phase, 60HTz


5’ long x 3’ wide x 4’ high


367 lbs. Uncrated


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